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Aug 06, 2012 at 05:35 AM

Some info about linked button..


Hi..See the iamge

In my addon one matrix is there i want to pull the

sales order details like docentry, item code, itemname

in first column i was pulled docentry and i assigned linked button

every thing is find if i click sales order will be opend according to the docentry

first Time


LInked button 21

linked button 22

linked button 23

linked button 88

but i had set a defult field value to the docentry at the time of udf creation like 'OR'

so values are pulled in matrix like

linked button OR21

linked button OR22

linked button OR34

linked button OR99

if i press linked button some error is comming ...

what am i thinking is actually linked button is performing based on the number what we are giving the docentry

but we are giving first 'OR' so it is unable to take the varchar

So, if i need both what should i do....

how can i solve this one


Lbutt.JPG (92.5 kB)