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Aug 05, 2012 at 04:47 PM

Auto generation of bonus in particular month


Hi Experts,

There is requirement.

Here one bonus WT is 5000 which needs to be auto generated in OCT every year.The calculation will be 8.33% of gross salary*12.But in first year of hiring it will be prorated basis of total gross salary coming for individual employees.Gross will be taken from /101.

It will automatically triggered in Oct payroll period and displayed in payslip.It will come under taxable income.

Another condition is this WT will be stored in any Wt group 0015 but its use only to manually override the auto calculation on pay period Oct.That means if in IT0015 the WT is stored with amt then it will override the auto generation and IT0015 value only be reflected in RT or payslip in the concerned month.

How we can map this through Operation CMPER.Please advise.

Please respond ASAP as this is urgent requirement.

Thanks & Regards