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Aug 04, 2012 at 08:36 AM

Binding between two components


Hello, SAP CRM Gurus

I'm a newbie in SAP CRM world and I have a question regarding to binding of different components controllers in SAP CRM.

I'm working with two components — PRD_PSIC_LOC_H and PRDIOOV.

I need to define value of my own variable on event in PRD_PSIC_LOC_H and after that to read this value in some event of PRDIOOV.

In order to do that I defined context nodes in both of these components controllers, let say GLCONFIG context node.

Now, to supply ability to transfer a data between two components I have to define a binding between these context node (

PRD_PSIC_LOC_H to PRDIOOV). And at this point I got a first issue — when I'm trying to define binding I got error warning: «You can't bind context node to itself» (this is close to text quote). After some research job I find a suggestion, telling me to define custom controller and try to bind custom controller to component controller. But it still doesn't work.

When I try to implement reverse binding, component controller to custom controller (PRDIOOV to PRD_PSIC_LOC_H), creation of binding process goes OK, but when I run CRM Web UI I got binding exception.

So, can you, please, provide a step-by-step guide how to implement a binding between two components, that i could access to context node's attribute from another component.

Also, I'm worrying about correct component usage definition.

Tell me please, if PRDIOOV wants to get value from PRD_PSIC_LOC_H, so where should I define component usage — in PRD_PSIC_LOC_H or in PRDIOOV or in both of them?