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Aug 04, 2012 at 04:00 AM

MRP with SD scheduling agreement and MM scheduling agreement


HI All,

It's an DI manufacturing and follows MTS (10) planning scenario.We are not much clarity regarding Scheduling agreement and the relation with MRP. Sales dept Maintain scheduling agreement instead of sales order for an FG, and thise agreement maintain as schedule line in Forecast(weekly) and then it again divided as an schedule line(day) in JIT. While we run the MRP system will create planned order/schedule line against sales order's schedule line. latter then shop floor people convert this planned order/schedule line into production order and do confirmation. whether is this correct procedure and system will act as an different manner for scheduling agreement? what is the process flow of MRP planning for scheduling agreement?

And awhile run the MRP schedule line will be automatically create for raw materials in purchasing(MM) scheduling agreement. If we are create manually in purchasing schedule agreement's schedule line, the creation indicator displayed as "R manually created", we want MRP create schedule line automatically with the indicator "B MRP automatically created".

What all are the settings we want to do to meet this requirement? what all are the master field settings and what all are the transaction flow we wants to do? Kindly explained us

* Can we fix the schedule line qty in MRP settings while create schedule line automatically? or in any of master data for materials