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Aug 03, 2012 at 07:17 PM

Return from popup to source component


Hi Experts,

Below is my scenario:

1. There are 2 components - A & B, each having 2 views VA1, VA2 & VB1, VB2 and 2 windows WA1, WA2 and WB1, WB2.

2. VA1 is embedded into WA1, VA2 in WA2...... and..... VB1 in WB1 and VB2 in WB2..

3. I have to call WA1 as a POP-UP in VB1 (means calling the VA1 as a pop-up in VB1)

4. Popup has 2 buttons - YES/NO

5. Now, When I click YES, the screen should navigate to view VA2(in 1st component)....


When I call the window WA1 as pop-up in VB1, popup is generated successfully, BUT. when i click on YES button, the outbound plug fires to the inbound of Window WA2 to call the next view i.e. VA2...... and this view is shown in the Pop-up window only... which means, the pop-up is not getting closed, and is opening the next window/view in the same pop-up size window.

Please suggest how can I trigger the outbound plug in such a way, that my pop-up is closed and the next view is shown (in the source component).

Any example code, or reference to any class/method will be helpful.