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Aug 03, 2012 at 04:55 PM

Intercompany Stock Transfer - Partial Delivery


Problem setup:

Onhand inventory is at 250 FT

Supply purchase order exists for 1,000 FT - due next week.

Stock Transfer (STO) for 500 FT created - (As of ECC 6.0, setting B assigned to all shipping plants within stock transport configuration. (assign delivery type/checking rule) (uses standard 02 RP scope of check for ATP)

Run VL10G for today/tomorrow dates. (uses standard 02 B Delivery scope of check for ATP)

Outbound Delivery creates for 250 FT.

Message VL 150 recently changed from error to warning.


It seems as though if we set the KZTLF (Part dlv./item) indicator to C at the line level of the STO, the delivery still creates from VL10G.

I also tried setting KZTLF indicator from within the receiving plant's customer master, that didn't default any values onto the STO document.

Material master tolerances set to underdelivery 0%, unlimited overdelivery.

Receiving tolerance on the STO set to 10% underdelivery, 50% overdelivery. (I know this doesn't matter for shipping...)


Why am I getting partials when I have the order type set up (NB order type) to not allow multiple schedule lines (no partials)?

Thank you for your time,

Gina Feldner

Business Process Expert