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Aug 03, 2012 at 06:25 AM

Write Optimized DSO taking long time to load.


Dear All,

We need your help in the below issue.

We have WO DSO which we are loading from Infoset . We added few fields in this DSO and moved it to production. Now in Production system this DSO is taking almost 20 hours to complete (no of records 58 Million) which earlier was taking only 1 hour. In Quality system the same DSO is taking only 1 hour (approx) for the same number of records.

In Production system we have checked the Background jobs and number of processes available. There is as such no deviation from the system point of view.

We have also checked the DTP settings in Quality and Production systems for the number of parallel process and the job class.

The total no of records that we get in this DSO are nearly 58 Million. The package size of DTP is 50,000. There is no routine in the transformation and all fields are directly mapped.

We have tried loading it by decreasing package size too. The strange thing to note in this is that, the first 50 to 60 Packets are getting loaded in only 10 to 15 mins and then the time goes on increasing for the rest of the packets. Most of the time is spent in below steps.

In Job log of this DTP we checked that most of time is spent in step "Overlapping check with archived data ". and in DTP Monitor the time is spent in Updating to DSO step.

We have also tried re-importing it to Production but still no success. So, request you to provide some inputs on this. This has become very critical as most of the other loads are dependent on this.