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Aug 03, 2012 at 04:52 AM

Why my break-points are not triggering?



Say, i am on APPROVER role, Workflow is sending an email notification with a WDA link, so that i need to click that link and go to the WDA and approve the it by pressing a push button provided on the top of view as APPROVE, well

We are testing some thing, so, i am put the break-points (anyway only available break-point is external) in couple of spots, but, when am clicking the workflow sent WDA link, neither of my break-point is triggerring when am coming from outlook inbox link!!

I chekced the MENU --> settings --> DEBUGGING, here i can see my ID in the USERS field and NOT checked the IP Matching check box and also not checked the SESSION BREAK-POINT ACTIVE IMMED.

Pls. let me know How can make trigger my break-points every time, when am coming to WDA from outlook inbox workflow link clicking as an approver role

Thank you