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Aug 03, 2012 at 02:42 AM

DTW import PO


Hi all,

I am trying to import open PO from old system into SAP B1 before starting transactions. However, in the import template, I have put in DocNum as 1 but when imported, it is not document number 1 instead it took the last number of the document number series that i have defined.

DocNum DocType HandWritten Printed DocDate DocDueDate DocNum DocType Handwrtten Printed PostingDate Delivery Date 1 dDocument_Items 20120724 20120825

E.g. my numbering series is as below: (my id is set default to numbering series OB)

Name Number - First No. Number - Next No. Number - Last No. OB 1 3002 3002 KM 100001 100002 199999

For opening balance only, i wish to use OB series and thereafter, for new transactions, users will start to use series name KM and etc. However, wherever i import the PO, it will take number 3001 and next import, it will take 3002. If i import the same file again, it will take 3003 and so on, it never able to take doc number 1, how come? Anyone have any idea on how to specify the correct document number at PO import template? TIA.