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Aug 02, 2012 at 08:21 PM

Item Cost Field in OITW


I noticed since we upgraded to 8.8.1 from 2007 SAP decided to make the item cost field in OITW inactive. I used this field to A/R credit memo items that we never sold to a customer or potentially has never been in our system before. For example, we might sell a customer a large piece of equipment and reduce their bill by something we take on trade. Well that item that we take on trade, I want to be able to give the customer a $15,000 credit but when I process the A/R Credit Memo, I would like the cost to come into inventory at $15,000 as well.

For those accountants:

DR Inventory $15,000

CR CGS $15,000

DR Revenue $15,000

CR A/R $15,000

Other than the obvious, letting it happen and come into inventory at zero cost and then perform and inventory revaluation. Is there another way to show the entire transaction on this one document (A/R Credit Memo)?