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Aug 02, 2012 at 02:11 PM

ARM - Materials not to be inspected


Hello Experts,

We are using Advanced Return Managment and in a scenario where we return a BOM to our plant, but we only take the parts of the BOM into stock and not the top material. I have made the top material not relevant for goods movement in the schedule line category to acomplish that.

When I create the return order, it explodes and when order is saved, I get a return delivery where to top material is included but not relvant for goods movement.

I then do goods receipt and everything is fine. When I do the material inspection it is also fine, all parts of the BOM are in the inspection document and not the top material.

But when I try to invoice (create credit memo) I get error message that the inspection of the top material of the BOM is not complete and invoice cannot be created.

Anyone who has an idea where this is controlled? The material is not relevant for movement so it should me be inspected at all.