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Aug 02, 2012 at 12:23 PM

Authorization with variables


Hi there,

I am trying to get running an authorization for 0COSTCENTER based on the Datasource 0CO_OM_CCA_USER_1 and the DSOs


I created two CMOD exits i_step = 0 that read the DSOs based o the username.

Those I planted in the RSECADMIN for 0COSTCENTER (Values and Hierarchies).

In the Query I finally used a variable type "authorization" to get data from RSECADMIN - value entry enabled.

This is not listed in the cmod include.

This kind of works, but only kind of.

Running the report the variable window looks like using a variable i_step = 1.
All the entries form the DSOs appear allready as field entry (suggestion).

Using the value help everthing is displayed.

Selecting a costcenter that is not part of the auth scope results a more or less usless cryptic error statement with the need of refreshing.

From my understanding the authorization variable should work like an i_step = 0 exit, making a preselection for value help and offering an empty entrie field for the value.

If this isn´t so - well - where is the use of that type of variable.

Instead of it I would have to make a third exit i_step = 0 getting all analysis auth. values by function module.

Thanks a lot for help

Cheers, Dirk