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Aug 02, 2012 at 08:55 AM

Material master and Engineering change management


Dear Gurus,

I need your advice. We are exploring the possibilities of ECM and currently i'm checking the functionality with regards to the material master. I notice that are engineering change number with a change-date in the future can only be used via MM12.

Question 1:

  • Is that the correct way?

Now another transaction for changing a material is the common MM02. I notice that I cannot use a Change number with a future date in this transaction. This makes sense to me, since the transaction is called...change immediately.

Question 2

  • Would you recommend ECM to be mandatory for changing the material master via MM02?
  • Would you advice to create a general change number for materials with a start-date in the past for using transaction MM02?
  • If I state: if a change needs to be made from an engineering perspective, a ECN needs to be created and the change should be scheduled accordingly (mm12). The use of mm02 can be done without ECN. Can this result in conflicts later on?

Thanks in advance for your help!