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Aug 02, 2012 at 05:40 AM

BAPI confirmation and CO1P issue


Hi Gurus, here is my situation..

We do BAPI confirmations using Z program with auto GR and GI. after GR is done, we use the material document to process subsequent steps. All this is done in the confirmation Z program which uses bapi confirmation.

for some confirmations, GR document fails and I see a record in CO1P. I dont want to run coruproc because if i run it and create material document, i will be missing on my subsequent steps that the z program do.

what is the reason for some entries getting into co1p and how can I make them not go to co1p?

I looked at note 577368, but I couldnt really understand what the note is saying..

on a side note, my order type doesn't have any process control key in opk4.I left it blank so my goods movement will be posted in update task immediately.

if I am doing my goods movement in immediate update task, why are some records sitting in CO1P which is used for later in background processing setting.