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Aug 02, 2012 at 12:53 AM

Capture Invoice Batch # on MIRO / MIRA


I need your advice on the following requirement of my client:

My client in today’s world, sends invoices for scanning. They usually bunch about 30 invoices in a batch (with a user entered batch#) and then send it to a third party system for scanning. Whenever they want to pull out an image of any invoice, they enter the third party portal with the Batch number and then skim through 30 invoices to pick the required one.

They want to continue the same after SAP implementation. All these invoices are PO based invoices.


  1. We cannot use header text as this is being used for other purposes
  2. Also they don’t want to give number for each and every invoice separately (Cannot use document number)
  3. This field should flow into following accounting document (Vendor line) after invoice posting and also be available when they display MM document.

We explored option of enabling XREF1,2,3 fields on MIRO/MIRA screens but this needs heavy enhancement that involves tweaking SAP standard tables.

Can you please suggest us any other solution we can go for?