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Aug 01, 2012 at 09:18 AM



Hi Guys/Gals

I am working with EPM10 trying to do multiple Dimension Overrides on my Time Dimension which is part of my Column Key Range and contains approx 50 members which I need to be dynamic and driven from a member property. I have accomplished this outside of the Column key range and have the require member per column that I select using the EPMDimensionOverride function. I have managed to get it working for a some of columns as I found there is a 256 character limitation to the cell that the function exists in. When I create a second EPMDimensionOverride to cater for the rest of the columns it works fine but then after a refresh extra blank columns are inserted between the time members of the first EPMDimensionOverride.

How do I stop this from happening???


Dev G