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Aug 01, 2012 at 08:47 AM

Description generation of characteristic 0FISCPER


Hi experts,

The description of the characteristic 0FISCPER will be generated using a standard ABAP implementation, that among others jumps in the system customizing. In this case it is important to define fiscal year variants and its periods. We have defined a fiscal year variant with twelve periods. The first period is similar to the calendar month October, the next one to November and so on. The last period (no. 12) is similar to September. In the customizing the periods get also the names of the months (1=October, 2=November, etc.). The fiscal year has an offset of -3 concerning the calendar year. So the fiscal year in this variant starts in October and ends in September.

If 0FISCPER is used in a BEx query and it is displayed in a table with text presentation, the system gets the text from the customizing (1=October, 2=November, etc.) and extends it with the fiscal year from the cube. E.g. if the cube delivers period 001.2012 the system will generate the description 'October 2012'. From my side, this is technically consistent.

But in our context this descriptions makes a lot of confusion. The period 001.2012 is correctly assigned to calendar month 'October 2011' but the description of 0FISCPER is 'October 2012'.

Do you know a way to influence the generation of the description of 0FISCPER, so that the period gets to be extended with the calendar year and not with the fiscal year?