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Aug 01, 2012 at 07:12 AM

ccms agent install failed: "Cannot open Monitoring Segment 99 rtc = 245"


Hi experts,

I run SAP on Windows failover cluster and I install ccms agent in one node successfully.

I install the other node and then I install Diagnostic Agent. Suddenly, I found SAPCCMSR.99 failed to start on the second node.

Although I have removed DAA_98 on virtual host and re-install latest CCMS agent but it still failed to start. See error message below.

I google and found this link and the note 1013331 and I have tried to

refresh c:\Windows\SAPClsuter and c:\usr\sap\prfclog from the first node but the errors persist. Please help.


"ERROR: Cannot open Monitoring Segment 99 rtc = 245

Last reported error: [249] CCMS monitoring segment has wrong EYE CATCH. It seem

s to be created as non-unicode segment.

This program runs as unicode. Please use non-unicode version

INFO: dsr: dsrlib unloaded.

EXITING with code 1"