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Aug 01, 2012 at 02:49 AM

CRM Mobile Sales - Data load errors - syntax errors


Hi all,

We have installed Mobile CRM Sales 2.0 and the relevant MOB_CRMS addon to the backend CRM system. We have built Netweaver Mobile 7.1 (sp14) with the CRMSPGWY (sp07) addon. We have SUP installed and the DOE-C. We are running the app on iOS.

After the CRM setup has been completed as per the Setup and Configuration guide we did the inital data loads and ran the SDOE_LOAD. On the iOS devices we can see accounts and analytics but no calendar and more importantly no transactional data. When I did the download for transactional data I see

19 sales order

18 opportunity

4 lead


When looking in SDOE_WB for 'MAS_CRMSALES, 2.0 of SAP' I can see that there is data in the many of the data objects including MAS_EMPLOYEE, MAS_ATTACHMENT, MAS_AUTH_CUST, MAS_CUSTOMIZATION, MAS_HISTORY, MAS_MRKT_ATTRIBUTES, MAS_PARTNER.

Would I also expect to see data in the MAS_OPPORTUNITY, MAS_LEAD, MAS_SALES_ORDER ? These are empty - my understanding is the download from CRM would populate these object? Is this why we are not seeing those transactions on the device?

When looking at ST22 on NWM I can see there are a number of dumps in the system relating to

ZDOECL_052_006_MWSR - key field 'C2' has been used more than once - class for MAS_QUOTATION

ZDOECL_052_000_MWSR - key field 'C2' has been used more than once - class for MAS_SALES_ORDER


I'm assuming they are related? Any help is appreciated I am under the impression that the mandatory notes have been applied and we have followed all the steps in the Setup and Config guide - in SDOE_WB all objects have green lights..

Thanks in advance