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Jul 31, 2012 at 07:45 PM

Byd Studio Wishlist


I am just looking to hear what everyone elses biggest Feature wishlists are with the SDK and the Studio, and If I am missing something and mine can be done.

Here are my Biggest ones... (If you can do them Let me know)

  • Cross BU communications (not the current message system where I have no Idea of the Request was sucessful) but I really would like to Create a (just an example) PO From a Production order for example and Know right away the PO so I can link it...
  • Events... I would really like to know when something besides an "Action" happens on the screen.. such as when a Item gets added to a Sales order. so I could pop my own screen to override that action. without having to wait for a save/(whole BO validate)

4.0 will resolve some of my top ones with Webservices "Hopefully", and the Error log for Webservices....