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Jul 31, 2012 at 10:27 AM

custom exit in Bex query to get the result data?


Dear experts,

Is there any way to do the enhancement based on the query result? I know in custom exit thru table i_t_var_range you can get the input variable, but is there any internal table or any way that I can get the query result data?

Our requirement is very simple: in our query we have column A and B, A is a characteristic and B is a key figure. we need to calculate B based on A.

My initial thought is to create a formula for B and calculate it in another custom exit based on A, but as A is also generated thru custom exit at query run time, how can I get A in the same query?

I think when Bex query returns data, it returns all the columns and rows at the same time? But in our requiremrnt we have sequence: in the first step to get all the data for column A, then in the second step based on those particular data in column A we go to another reference table and calculate column B.

So does anybody know how to meet this requirement? BTW, we don't want to add column B to the backend cube as cube is refreshed daily but the index is calculated from a reference table and it may change at any time.

Your answer is appreciated!

Best regards,