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Jul 31, 2012 at 01:44 AM

WBS with billing and account assignment element


Dear Experts,

I have created a statistical WBSE (only one WBSE) which can be used as billing and account assignment element.

When I post a revenue tie to this WBSE, in report S_ALR_87013531 (cost/revenue), the revenue appears in the revenue column.

Then later, when I post an expense, the revenue is netted off with the expense and shown in the cost column in the report. I can no longer get the revenue in the revenue column.

When I check the report, debit type 1 is assigned in the cost column and debit type 2 is assigned in the revenue column.

When I check the line item, the revenue is having debit type 2 & the expense is having debit type 1.

I am not sure whether there is a bug in the report. I have searched OSS but could not find one.

My assumption is that a WBSE can have only one element, either a billing or account assignment element.

Why we need this is to have the same WBS to record expense & revenue, hence, reduce to create another WBSE to record revenue. No of WBSE created in a month is a lot.

Appreciate your help. Thanks.