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Jul 30, 2012 at 01:03 PM

Replace SO10 text variable with another SO10 text object


Hi Experts,

Email with variables like RFx number, RFx name, reciever name and dates etc is required, this is fine and I am doing it using variables in SO10 text.

Now there is the requierment to further add a disclaimer that can itself be huge(2000 chars or so) at end of this email. The disclaimer can change according to the country and region so this is also variable. I tried creating a new SO10 text for various disclaimers and replacing the variable with the SO10 object in main email but importing parameter VALUE_LENGHT of function module TEXT_SYMBOL_SETVALUE accepts only 80 characters.

How can I use one SO10 object(more than 80 chars) to replace a variable in another SO10 text?

Hope my query is clear...