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Jul 30, 2012 at 11:50 AM

Change in model definition without having changed the $matadata


Dear all,

i am new in gateway development.

I recently created a model and a data class for defining a simplest odata service (named "DUMMY") in a sap backend (folloing the How To guides provided by the SAP). i have done all necessary steps in IMG (model and service definitions). after i registerd this service via /iwfnd/maint_service in the sap gateway (SP2) everything is fine. so far, so good.

now i have changed the model definition, for example, renamed a property name from "donald" to "goofy". Nothing changed in the metadata-view in the browser. what i tried ist

- delete all definitions (model and service in the backend)

- deleted the service in the gateway (deactivating node, system alias, service deleting)

- done definition again.

nothing changed.

when i defined a new service call "DUMMYNEW" based on the same (modified) model class and activate this service in the gateway, viola, i see "goofy" instead of "donald" in the meta data.

Seems to me, gateway is caching all definitions to a service same.

can someone give me a hint how to do a clear refresh so that i can modify the service in development phase without creating a new servicename (or version?) everytime?

Many thanks in advance,