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Jul 30, 2012 at 08:14 AM

Cant connect to remote SUP Server from Unwired Workspace


We have a SUP Server running. I can connect to Sybase Control Center from my local machine with a FQDN and from Unwired Workspace which is running on the same machine on which the SUP Server is running. The FQDN is not an internet domain. I only added that domain name (IFSV29.ifl.local) to my local hosts file. I can also ping the domain name successfully. But I can't connect to the remote SUP server from my Unwired Workspace which is running on my local machine. It times out after a long time (several minutes). I observed that if I choose a non existing domain name or other wrong settings, that connection fails right away with an exception. But with the correct settings it just tries to connect for a really long time. So I think it can find the remote SUP server but something prevents a connection.

Does anyone has an idea what we should look at?

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