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Jul 30, 2012 at 08:26 AM

Dynamic visibility.


Hi Guys,

I have to show my data at three different business locations for ex at A,B and C. I am using a combo box and appyling dynamic visibility so that when a business unit is selected the corresponding components of that business units are displayed. But i have to show the warning message when the stock quantity is less than below safety stock.I have to display the warning message and chart only when the stock is less than safety stock otherwise i need not dispay any chart or message.So i applied dynamic visiblity for this component with the help of one more combo box so that when i select corresponding year the the data for that year is displayed only when the stock is below the safety stock otherwise there is no need to dispay.Until now everything works fine.when i group the components(one component for showing the warning message is using dynamic visibility) for business units,group one for business units A,group two for business units B and group three for business units C(each group has many components).So i applied Dynamic visibility for Business units A,B and C but when i select any of the business units in the combo box i am not able to see any components of the corresponding units in the preview mode.I need to see the components of the coreesponding business units.Thanks in Advance.