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Jul 30, 2012 at 05:56 AM

Standard value key in Work center


Hi All,

We have found list of standard value keys in Work center. Our requirement is we want to add 2 more labor activities for work center. We know that in Normal Production(SAP1) only contain 3 activity type if we choose variable production(SAP2) system will be listed max of 6 activity types. My question is, in normal production(SAP1) also we can add more than 3 activity types. Then what is the differnce between if we use Variable production(SAP2) or add 2 more activity types in Normal production(SAP1)?

Our exact requirement is, some times a machine run by normal skilled labor some other times it may be run my skilled labor so during production order or operation confirmation only we wants to give the labor1 or labor2 time based on the situation.

If we know the clarification regarding the standard value key SAP1 and SAP2 , it will be easy to understand and finalise to use