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Former Member
Jul 29, 2012 at 04:08 PM

Delivery Blank : Line items not appearing but total weight is stuck


Dear SAP Gurus,

When I generate delivery against Sales order from vl10x , it automatically creates the delivery on vl01n and does batch determination itself plus gives the route .

But for some orders , when delivery is generated against order , no line item is appearing in the delivery against that sales order. Its coming BLANK. But the total weight is coming which means that delivery has picked the line items. When i check in Vl06g , I see all line items , but in vl01n , the delivery is blank; no line items

The problem gets worse , when i cant delete the delivery , the total weight is stuck , which doesnt allow me to create the delivery against the order since the order gets locked.

What can i do to resolve this??