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Jul 29, 2012 at 08:12 AM

How GR Movement Type 107 to update Reduced Quantity & MD04 Screen??


Dear All Experts,

I would like to have your help for this critical issues.

recently, our system just implemented movement type 107 & 109 to do good receive for those overseas shipment with the term of FOB.

We do GR by using T-code: MIGO and reference to Purchase Order Number.

First, we will do the GR 107 once vendor load the good to the port and GR 109 will be created once good arrival at our warehouse.

Now my problem is after we perform GR 107, users able to change for the quantity of inbound delivery and it showed incorrect outstanding quantity at MD04.

It is because GR107 does not same like GR101 & GR109, GR107 won't update for the field of "Quantity Reduced" at the PO Item (Confirmation Tab) and PO remain as open PO, that's why that system does not block user to amend the Inbound delivery. So that user might change the inbound delivery quantity which lower than quantity of GR107, but GR109 will based on the quantity of GR107.So, this might cause my GR might have different quantity with inbound delivery.

Example as below:

PO Quantity - 1000

Inbound delivery - 1000

GR107 - 1000

* after GR107, system does not block user to change for the inbound delivery, so that quantity of inbound delivery able changed to 600.

Inbound delivery - 1000 ---> 600

But, when the creation of GR109 can receive the quantity as 1000.

By the example as above, GR done with the quantity of 1000 as consider as delivery completed for the PO but inbound delivery is only 600.

thus, MD04 will have another 400 as POItem or 400 as ShpNt if inbound delivery created for quantity 400.

Therefore, this might cause alot of incorrect information at MD04 as here is main data for alot of daily report.

Can experts here provide me some advice that:

How we can update the field of "Reduced Quantity" for PO Item (Confirmation Tab) in order to avoid user to amend for Inbound Delivery after GR 107??

How we can show that it is Good in transit at MD04 after GR107?? Does it have Good in Transit MRP Element at MD04??

Appreciate for your help.

Hope you would have your guidelines.

Thanks A Lot.