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Jul 28, 2012 at 06:06 PM

SAP GUI Hangs when opening RSA1 transaction


Hi Guys

On a SAP NW 7.3 System there is an issue while opening transaction RSA1. It justs hangs while opening report CL_RSAWBN_TREE_MODEL_FOLDER===CP

Also a disp+work process consumes almost 50% CPU usage, making system really unstable

Checking STAD, it shows high response times, so im still unable to determine why this WP is taking so much resources and hanging,

I have noticed this only happens with some users, but not for example with DDIC, althought this is not a permission issue, since i have tested with another user with SAP_ALL which is copy of DDIC and also failed. Is an strange behavior, so any assistance would be highly appreciated.

Note: If using RSA1OLD there are no issues




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