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Jul 29, 2012 at 04:10 AM

Warehouse: issue against production order.


Dear Gurus,

Have one doubt on warehouse

1. We have 100 qty in a box in bin and issued all against production order, Now production people used 60 qty from box and want 40 quantity to return. How we can manage this 40 qty. Boxes are barcoded and hand held device is used. when 100 qty is required we scan the bar code of box with hand held device, do TO and confirm TO on hand held device and give to production people.

Problem is when production people open the box to get its material bar code may be destroyed or cannot be reused. So how we can manage the rest 40 qty i.e how 40 qty can be taken back to bin means how we use hand held device for 40 qty.

Our process is PO--> GR---> Z transection to print bar codes----> do TO agaisnt TR and place material to bin.