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Former Member
Jul 27, 2012 at 01:00 PM

IDOC status 51 when multiple idocs and posted from XI


I have an inbound idoc scenario – with a custom message, process code and FM created and all settings done in WE42, WE20, BD51, WE57 etc… whenever an inbound idoc comes in from XI, it fails with the status 51 and message “No status record was passed to ALE by the application”… however if the same idoc is re-processed in BD87 it ends successfully… online search revealed that a possible cause could be if all work areas, tables etc are not refreshed in custom code… we have done the same and are passing status 53 as well after necessary functionality of creating sales order is achieved… not sure if the status is being lost somewhere after the end of custom logic since sales orders are reflecting in database which means our custom code is being processed… another surprising thing is that if XI uses file with data that posts just 1 IDOC, then this idoc ends successfully with status 53 but if they use a file with data that creates multiple idocs then all of them end in an error… since 1 idoc results in success, we can safely assume that status is being passed fine from our custom code… but what is happening in case of multiple idocs and how this status fails to carry forward is what surprises us… like I said, we are clearing all work areas, tables, variables etc and passing status 53 at the end of the logic…