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Jul 27, 2012 at 09:41 AM

Endless flickering/blinking/refreshing on URL iView load


Hello All,

I'm facing the following problem:

An URL iView, that is based on Web Application Designer template is included in a portal role. When the iView is previewed alone (from its design) it work fine - opens in separate windows, ask for variables, shows the result, charts, etc.

But when it is launched via detailed navigation menu of the role it doesn't load, instead the busy sign appears and start blinking as if the page is constantly refreshed. I try with including the iView in a separate page and the the result in the preview mode is the same. Only preview of the iView itself works. It seems there is any issue with the iframe/iframes generated by the portal when the role navigation is launched.

There are some other iViews, based on different intranet sites (not parts from the EP itself) which work fine alone and from a role.

We use NW 7.3 and the components are at SP 0. Should I expect resolving of this issue if upgrade to SP 7.

There is not such a problem in another our system for tests wich is NW 7.0 based.

Has anybody faced such a problem?

A lot of similar issues are described, but not exactly as this one and no solution is described.