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Jul 27, 2012 at 04:57 AM

FD05 block customer for only the new transaction


Hi experts,

I came across with the requirement to block the customer (either in FD05 or XD05) at company code level to prevent the user to post the new transaction to the customer, however, for the open item of that particular customer the posting to clear those open item are allow.

The background is that we have the customer duplication and in the process of cleasing the customer. We need to block the duplicated one, however, those duplicate customer do have the open item, hence if we FD05 the system will not allow any posting to the customer. Am looking for the workaround solution on this. Have you guys came across the same requirement? Kindly share yours.. what I currently advise the user is to block/unblock on demand i.e. we block all duplicate customers (no matter they have an outstanding), later when their is the requirement to post through those duplicate account (i.e. customer payment), the data center user will need to unblock the customer and later block it. This is yet a good solution. Can you guys share yours? Thank you.

Thanks in advance,