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810 EDI - Cost Center and Company Code

Hello everyone ,

Does anyone know which fields in the EDI 810 output should have the Cost Center and Company Code values passed to ...Any input is much appreciated .

Thanks Rahul .

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2 Answers

  • Jul 26, 2012 at 08:44 PM

    Hi Rahul,

    In my opinion, both: company code and cost center are internal data within an organization and are not part of any EDI message (which is by definition exchanged across company borders). Depending on the exact scenario, you might be able to determine the company code for instance based on the ILN number in one of the partner roles. And cost center would rather also be determined based on other characteristics. So if you asked me, in order to meet your requirement, you should speak to a functional consultant that will help you determine, based on which data company code and cost center can be determined.



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    • I already have the costcenter and company code values supplied to me by the customer . But they want it to be part of the 810 edi invoice i'm posting to ariba . I"m not sure where these information goes in the 810 structure .

      We are doing invoicing through ARIBA  cXML for a different customer and in that structure there is clearly an accounting segment where these information goes .

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    Former Member
    Jul 26, 2012 at 11:15 PM


    There are hundreds of qualifiers which represent different functions and we can store values in EDI segments  w.r.t to qualifier. 

    As I Understand cost center and company code are header level fields which should be part of 810 header section. If you check below 810 which I found in internet, just below BIG segment there is  REF segment where you can have different qualifier and store the data. try to find those qualifiers or come to an agreement with partner on some qualifer which is closer in meaning  and send the data in that segment. 

    ISA*00*          *01*          *ZZ*NOTP           *ZZ*NOTP           *050108*0954*U*00501*000000001*0*P*>







    ITD*02**1.000**30**31*****1% 30 NET 31



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