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Jul 26, 2012 at 05:51 PM

Table control cursor issue


Dear Experts,

I have been given with a task regarding Module pool programming.I have created one table control ,where i will give input as material number then it should populate other details in remaining fields of the row.What my issue is,for the first record it is giving correct values,but if i enter next value in table control, it is doubling up.After debugging i came to know that,cursor is always pointing to the first record it is taking work area of first record.I tried changing my cursor position useing SET CURSOR FIELD.But no use.Here i have attached my test case screen shots .please help me out.

Flow logic:

PAI module:(process)

Ouput one:

output two:


flowlogic.JPG (27.6 kB)
PAI-module.JPG (33.3 kB)
op1.JPG (22.4 kB)
op2.JPG (23.0 kB)