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Jul 26, 2012 at 02:01 PM

How to create a bEx formula to get the first value with conditions


Hello gurus,

I need to create a total column with some conditions to get the first month that have any value different of zero.


The column strutucture:

Jan (selection 0amount KF)

Feb (selection 0amount KF)

Mar (selection 0amount KF)

Apr (selection 0amount KF)

Total (formula)

In total formula, If value of Jan is different of zero than consideer Jan value only, but if we have zero in Jan then check if Feb value not zero, then if not zero consideer only Feb value etc.

I tried to do this, but in cases that we have values different of zero to Jan and Feb for example, we have Jan + Feb in the result but I only want Jan if Jan is the first column if value different zero:

(Jan value <> 0) * Jan + (Feb value <> 0) * Feb + (Mar <> 0) * Mar etc...

Thanks in advance,

Gustavo Sigrist Felippe