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Jul 25, 2012 at 07:48 PM

Copying table via SQL - disk space discrepancy


Hi folks,

I have used SQL editor to 1) copy the data definition of a table from table A to table B and 2) copy all records from table A to table B using an INSERT statement. It has worked well and when I do a record count the two tables now have EXACTLY the same amount of records.

However, when I look at administration monitoring and look at tab SYSTEM INFORMATION/SIZE OF TABLES ON DISK, HANA is showing the new copy being three times larger than the original! My question is if anybody knows of a bug with the disk size reporting? From what I can tell the entire definitions and contents (record counts) of each are exactly the same so I'm baffled why it's reporting the copy as being larger. We are hoping that restarting HANA may fix the discrepancy but thought I would post this question first in case anybody has seen this before.