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Jul 23, 2012 at 04:27 PM

Question on CRM role assignment with HR ALE integration


Can anyone confirm for me, that if the Org model, position, and employee is replicated from ERP org model.

If a new position is created in ERP is ALE to CRM, does that require maintainence in CRM transaction CRM_PPOMA where the CRM business role I.E. SALESPRO needs to be assigned to the position as the CRM business role? The CRM business roles are defined in CRM transaction CRMC_UI_PROFILE and to my knowledge those entries do not exist in ERP.

When a new CRM user is created these steps need defined

1. Create User ID

2. Create employee BP and assign user id

3. Assign user to the org model to a position (& where BP role is assigned to the position)

4. Run report crmd_ui_role_assign to assign security based on the BP role assigned.

To me the full CRM ALE HR integration looks to automate step #2, and a portion of step 3 or all of it?

Steps 1 & 4 still need to be done for each employee requiring an actual CRM user id.

Step 4 could be a nightly job, but we see where it creates a change log in user ID even though no change was made so we tend to run it only on new users or when a user is assigned to a different position in the CRM org model.