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Jul 23, 2012 at 12:23 PM

Layout (Height and Scrolling) behaviour in EP (NW 7.3)


Hi Experts

I am trying to modify the Layout of Enterprise Portal (NW 7.3), but I get stuck with the height of the page.

The out of the box Layout shows the Masthead and TLN and below the Content Area (with Detail Navigation, Breadcrumbs and the Content Area). If the iViews shown in the Content area are bigger than the rest of the ScreenSize a scrollbar shows up on the right side.

What we would like to have is, that the page can be bigger(higher) than the screen, and the whole page can be scrolled and not only the content area. (Like for example on the SCN page). We also have Masthead and TLN on the top like the out of the box layout. Only when the iView is bigger then the rest of the Screen the whole page should be scrolled and not only the content area.

How can I achieve this?

So far I tried to modify the LShapeLayout.jsp file. I can change quite a lot of things and can also get the height of the Content Area to a fixed height of for example 2000px. InternetExplorer will then start scrolling the whole page as desred. But FireFox is in this case not showing any scrolling possibilites at all but only shows the top part of the page.

And the solution with a fixed height is not a solution anyway as the size of the page should be always as big as the content shown of the page. What means that I should use Height="auto", but unfortunately this does not work, or I didn not modify the right height attribute.

Has anybody alrady done this and can give me a hint how to achieve the desired layout?

Thank you very much.