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Jul 23, 2012 at 04:25 AM

Qty not updating in BAPI for Sales Order


Dear Friends,

I’m using FM: SD_SALESDOCUMENT_CREATE to upload open Sales Order of type OR. I passing following fields in BAPI:

  1. AUART Sales Doc Type
  2. VKORG Sales Org
  3. VTWEG Distri Channel
  4. SPART Division
  5. POSNR Line item
  6. MABNR Material
  7. KUNNR Sold-to party
  8. KUNNR Ship-to party
  9. KETDAT Requested Delivery Date
  10. PRDST Pricing Date
  11. ZTERM Terms of Payment Key
  12. INCO1 Incoterms (Part 1)
  13. INCO2 Incoterms (Part 2)
  14. AUDAT Document Date
  15. WAERK Doc Currency
  16. KTGRD Cust Acct Assg Gr
  17. KWMENG Order Quantity
  18. VRKME Sales unit
  19. BWTAR Valuation type
  20. WERKS Plant
  21. VSTEL Shipping Point
  22. LGORT Storage Location
  23. VSART Shipping Type
  24. KSCHL Condition type
  25. KBETR Rate
  26. KWERT Condition Value
  27. ETDAT Schedule line delivery date (optional)
  28. WMENG Schedule line order quantity (optional)

Issue: Target Qty in order is not getting updated. Am I missing some parameter or ABAPer needs to do something in his coding in BAPI?

Kindly help. I’m uploading open Sales Order for the first time, as a fresher. <removed by moderator>

Thanks a lot

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