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Jul 18, 2012 at 09:09 PM

AFAB issue


Hello FM's gurus 😊

I've got a problem with the tcode AFAB. πŸ˜”


  • Account Assignment Elements
    • Fund and Functional Area are ACTIVE
  • BLANK as Value for Account Assignment Elements
    • Do NOT allow to any element.
  • Integration with Asset Accounting (I had already read it)
    • I use the function module FMDT_READ_MD_ASSET

I have a doubt with the transaction of depreciation.

When we run the transaction AFAB, and we see (through the FMDERIVE's trace) the data that takes BCS, it happens that does not bring the asset as master data. Why does this happen?

I created a rule to bypass the functional area derived from the asset master data.
But does not work properly., If during the execution of the AFAB, BCS will not take the master data.

Do you understand me?

Please advice.

Thanks for your time.