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Jul 18, 2012 at 12:07 PM

TDS Accumulation calculation in total invoice and subtract already posted tds amount.


Dear All,

We have activated extended withholding tax for Bangladesh .in Bangladesh contri specication following TDS calculation

I want to calculate TDS following manner. and i enclosed TDS rate according the total value.

0 200000 0 200001 500000 1 500001 1500000 2.5 1500001 2500000 3.5 2500001 3000000 4

When i entered first vendor invoice value is 200000 ,no TDS is will calculate. When i make 2nd invoice 100000 ,this time TDS will calculate total Accumulate invoice amount is 300000 and TDS Amount is 3000.system will post 3000 as a TDS.

When i book the another invoice value eg 500000 system should calculate on Total accumulate invoice value(800000) and TDS Amount is 20000 but alredy TDS is deducted 3000, Now system should subtract 20000-3000 =17000 TDS .system should post only 17000 amount.

TDS Invoice TDS Per Total invoice TDS Deducted Total Tds Deducted 100000 0 0 200000 1 300000 3000 500000 2.5 800000 20000 17000

I made all related setting in TDS define maximum and minimum amount ,seleceted accumulated setting in withholding tax type/Withholding tax code.

But i am not able subtract already TDS amount is posted in system.How to overcome this situation.

Please give me some suggestion .about TDS Calculation,

Thanks in advance

Thanks and Regards