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Jul 17, 2012 at 09:08 PM




I am upgrading R3 4.7 to ECC 6.05, doing a UC conversion and migrating to new version of OS in a new box. Eg: My DEV is copied to DV1, upgraded, and then moved to DV2. This part is done and i have 2 SPAU requests (1 for customizing and another for workbench), and 1 SPDD request. The developer has released the tasks and the request, and most likely did not tick the transport to be used in SPDD/SPAU. On top, the QA2 system is not in the transport path either as its a copy of the existing QAS. I have the data and cofiles for the 3 requests.

My questions below:

1) I read in Note 68678 that i can only use 1 SPAU and 1 SPDD request, & I am not supposed to use the customizing request. To clarify, is this the way I need to do it? So, when will I import the customizing SPAU request?

2) Can i copy the data and cofiles to QA2, and mention the SPAU (workbench) and SPDD requests when the upgrade prompts?

3) Out of the area question, can i just complete the upgrade and import SPAU/SPDD requests at the last? Will that be ok?

I have checked the link -, but i wanted to clarify my questions before i import a customizing request and have chaos in production.

Many thanks