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Jul 17, 2012 at 04:55 PM

Unable to enter company code detail tab of Business Partner (Transaction BP) - Missing tabs and fields


Hello All,

I guess i have a stupid question regarding creation of business partner using the transaction code BP in the production environment.

I am trying to create an external bank as a business partner for treasury module. I have created the General data under the role TR0151 (Counterparty) and then when i click on Company code data and then enter my company code, the payment details tab (SI: Payment Details) in the detail screen only shows 2 fields

1. Repetitive code

2. Reference Text

and I am also missing the SI:Corespondence, SI:Authorizations and SI:Derived flows tabs

But, when i try to do the same in the quality environment; and do the same steps outlined above. I see a lot of fields in the SI: Payment details tab as shown below and it also has all the SI:Corespondence, SI:Authorizations and SI:Derived flows tabs

1. Currency

2. Pay.Det.ID

3. repetitive code

4. House bank

5. Account ID

6. Payment request

7. Payer/ee


This is exactly what i am expecting to see in the production environment as well. I checked all the configuration and the field grouping in V_TB108 is the same in both the environments

Did anyone come across a similar issue. i am sure i am missing something stupid....

I would seriously appreciate your help as we just went LIVE and i am stuck with this...