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Jul 17, 2012 at 03:02 PM

BO 4.0 Custom Prompt for Local BO Object


I have been looking for a fix for a requirement where I have a data set being pulled from BI/R3 tables. In my Universe, I have a new object that get filled as the data arrives - needs to be calculated based on the data pulled. The new object can only have two values (yes/no). In my report, I want to have a number prompts to restrict the data pull BUT I also want to add an optional prompt where I can choose (nothing/yes/no) on the BO only (calculated) object. The report should restrict the data pull from the source at the same time the result set should restrict on the local BO object.

Can this be done with the latest BO 4.0 /17 (latest as of 07/15/2012)? Can someone suggest a solution? We had very little success with BO 4.0 prompts when they get somewhat complicated.

Thanks a lot.