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Jul 17, 2012 at 07:39 AM

Data deletion


Hi Experts,

I want to delete(selectively) the data for the fiscal year peroid 2011-10 in the infocube and DSO and reload the data from source system for the same period again.

Data is loading from R3-->DSO(delta)->Infocube(Delta).(Network cube)..I checked the data count in RSA3 and DSO are same ie 20000 for confirmation.

My question,is if i delete data selectively from DSO,does the data also delte from Changelog table also?

If not, after i reload the data from R3 to DSO-->cube.(Iam doing here with Full repair)...How the data will update from ODS to Cube.(if the old data in Change log table remains, then this will be added to new data whcih we relaoded).

Please advise.