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Jul 17, 2012 at 06:35 AM

Material Revision Level in MM, PR & PO


Hi Experts,

a) Current Scenario:- While creating PO, if there is any mismatch between Material Revision level at Material Master & Quality Info Record, only warning message no 06879 ''Revision level X of material ABCD reset for quality reasons'' is appearing and system allows to make PO with resetting the revision no to blank.

b) Requirement :- If there is any mismatch between Revision level at MM and Quality Info Record, error message should appear. Unless, both gets matched, we can make PO for that condition.

c) Proposed Solution :- Can I simply go to IMG-->MM-->Purchasing-->Env Data-->Define attributes of System Message-->System Messgae,

and then enter the message no, text and cat as E ??

Also, I have few queries:-

Though, I have revision no of material in the MM (need to click on the display icon below the material no) but it's not appearing in the Master Data tab of PR. When u click F4 then u can view all the revision no.

Please give your suggestions.


Awadhesh Kr.