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Jul 16, 2012 at 09:04 PM

Table linking problem in Crystal


Ok first i want to say that im not using a standard SQL connection. I have to use something call TTX although this problem may be addressed similarly.

Basically ive made connections to two TTX tables similar to having two seperate SQL table connection.

Now i have a forumla in this subreport...the formula has a field which requires these tables (for ex Contracts and ContractInvoices to be interjoined on ContractID)

Thats not that hard to do in "links" from database expert. Just tie Contracts and ContractInvoices together problem solve right? no =(

The problem exist is that one of the other fields that make up the formula requires it to NOT be basically im clueless as to what to do here.

Crystal only allows linking in one area as far as i know and i dont know how to disable the linking of tables through formula or something

any help would be greatly greatly appreciated!