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Jul 16, 2012 at 05:16 PM

ChaRM transport domain


Our development Solution Manager system is MT2. Our production Solution Manager system is MT1.

I successfully

built a ChaRM prototope within MT2 using these clients: 001 (Solution Manager), 401 (DEV), 402 (QA), 403 (PRD).

Now that the prototype was a success it is time to move on and configure the production landscape using MT1, DT2 (DEV), QT2 (QA), PT1 (PRD). A transport route was set up between MT2 and MT1 so that Solution Manager configuration could be transported accordingly. I started my configuration and do have it saved in transports. I now have a request to give a ChaRM demo to the project team and will have to use the prototype built within MT2 to do so.

However, when I tried to reactivate the prototype (transport domain, etc.) I received errors in the set up of a new project before I could activate ChaRM. I am receiving the following message: Warning: Problems occurred during synchronization of the system landscape. When I run the Consistency Check I see the following:

  • Check TMS (green) > System MT2 is part of transport domain DOMAIN_MT1 (green)
  • Check logical components (red) > System MT2 for project ... is in DOMAIN_MT1 (green)
  • > System MT1 is not known in the Change Manager (red)
  • > No track for project ... with log. system MT2/401 (red)

I have tried many things to correct the issue. I have deactivated DOMAIN_MT1; deleted the transport route between MT2 and MT1; removed MT2 system from MT1 in transaction STMS. If a run the Consistency Check on an old project, one created while I was building the prototype, that project becomes part of DOMAIN_MT1, otherwise all of the projects created while I was building the prototype are part of DOMAIN_MT1.

Can someone please help me correct this issue?